My garden is now 3 yrs old having been a completely empty, blank canvas. I didn’t have a tree, shrub, hedge or plant anywhere in the garden.
I had the old cobbles that can be seen in my courtyard photo lifted, repositioned and relaid when the garden was redesigned. These cobbles used to be in and around the stables attached to the house and I liked the idea of being able to incorporate them into the design.
As this part of the garden is near the kitchen I also combine a small amount of vegetable planting in amongst the flowers.
The photo with the arch is a way of adding interest to this area of the front garden whilst at the same time defining the entrance. The roses will (hopefully)eventually frame the arch.
The last photo shows the remainder of the front garden with another metal structure framing the seating area -again to be covered in climbing roses in time.
The curved paths provide flow -the planting is supposed to be low maintenance (not convinced!) but is definitely bee friendly. All summer long I am surrounded by their humming.

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